seo examples
by chris01
Published on November 11, 2011
Updated on November 23, 2011

Here is an SEO example indicating a big lie, that can lead to crash of big companies

The company is a leading company in Greece in the aluminium casting items production with succeeded exports in europe. Although the number of unique hits is rather poor because the mentioned website has very specialized keywords, not very interesting for greek people except the retailers in Greece (only a few of them are in business due to the crisis).  But for the keywords "aluminium casting items" it gained the 1st place by google. Check out the next two pictures.

Some of you would believe that has a very high number of unique hits and that would be the major reason for this excellent highly ranked position at google search engine.


We will demonstrate to you very soon a variety of seo examples that led us to the conclusion that the number of hits is not the major reason heaving your website highly ranked.