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How can you become Seo specialist ? Can you claim you are a SEO?

Here are some new strategies shown to be followed in order to become a leading Seo specialist among experts...


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DO NOT expect your website be high ranked by OTHERS...

Many companies are offering programs with many many promisses about high ranking technics "and what so ever"...

Do not listen to them...

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National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) PRESIDENT SAYS...

"I knew that he could give us the best result."  ... I was President at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) more...

Moutzouris Constantin
Moutzouris Constantin
Ex-Dean of NTUA 
President  of

seo technics

For some basic steps to improve your organic seo implementations by using proven seo technics please,

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seo technics

Seo experts

Many of my colleges consider themselfes as "seo experts" but are trying hard using seo technics with poor results. Some others have only a few successes and wonder themselves why well followed seo technics cannot be implemented for every website forwarding by replicating some seo strategies shown in several articles among a variety of specific websites.


If someone has no success then he has to reconsider his opinion!

If he is desperate then he shouldn't read this article.


Because only a heretic can succeed in a world where everyones work is a replica of someone else 's proposal!

For a proven example that the number of unique hits is not the major reason in getting a website highly ranked

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seo specialist

seo specialist written by Chris Mandrakis. An other point of view... 

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seo strategy

Which is your SEO STRATEGY?

Here are some proven seo strategies by our seo team while experimenting in many many categories trying to get a website highly ranked. Some took us many years of hard work and some secrets revealed by accident. Without a try nothing can be done!

Here are some advices to be followed by everybody ho wants to improve the ranking places of his websites:

A. Do not play god by changing your clients website because the history of all changes made on a website is kept by search engines for ever.

B. Apply every seo strategy in a variety of websites owned by you to be sure that your success was not just luck.


C. Use rather a php platform than html coded pages in order to have every...



search engine optimization

For detailed information about SEO (search engine optimization) click here...

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Πιέστε στη σημαία για ελληνική έκδοση! greek version

In the greek portal there are many documentations not yet in this new english version. By using the greek portal please use the google translator (although not very much close to the original ideas in greek). Therefore we are making a big effort to demonstrate SEO technics for the first time in english: simple, step by step with proven examples. 

seo expert campaign

We hope this website was a little bit helpfull for your further research in the SEO world! We offered you only pure proven knowledge and the only request is one hit at each one of our clients websites. Please stay an least 20 sec at each website or close it after a while otherwise your click will get very poor score of quality by search engines. Thank you very much! (Greek Technical University - Harbour works laboratory) (transports portal - greek version) (transports in athens) (3 language portal) (portal about athos greece monasteries) (Alfa Romeo service) (escape rooms athens escape rooms) (taxi in athens, peiraeus taxi, lavrio taxi)

seo blog (Blog specialized in seo specialist techniques)



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